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Stage 13 – Van Avaermat beats Sagan

Busy day today, visitors, wood delivery, managed to watch the stage for an hour. Nice countryside. Glad Greg Van Avaermat won, although I am becoming a bit sad about Sagan. He is clearly the most outstanding and consistent finisher in the race, but never a victory. Maybe he can sneak one in. All four of the sprinters tried for the intermediate sprint, which was flat. Greipel won. He IS the fastest. Now we need to find a stage for Degenkolb and another for Cavendish, with Sagan and Greipel being somehow invisible for each stage. THEN we might have a four way thriller on the Champs. In any case there is still some interest in that competition, so we should be grateful. So that is my optimistic naïve side. Actually, it looks like Greipel would have to score loads of points on intermediate sprints, plus beat Sagan on two more stages, with the other sprinters taking second third fourth beating Sagan. Realistically, it looks like Sagan.

A bit of a pity the home town boy, Geniez, did not do better after that long break. But as often the case, they all got dropped or caught before the line. Greg V is a happy lad, well respected, and known for never quite winning. This might be his breakthrough, or in any case his most important win.

Looks like Michael Matthews is back in some kind of shape again. Can’t be anything but good.

I am looking for something else I want to say, but can’t find it. It was scorchingly hot. I guess it was a typical transition stage. It transitioned from one important stage toward others. Should be a bit better tomorrow. That climb at the end is the bit of serious, but short one.

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